How And Where To Apply Perfume

best perfume spotsFragrances are instruments of attraction and it’s a great way of tempting someone you fancy and getting them to do what you want them to.

Where you want to be kissed

Coco Chanel

The best spots to apply fragrance are on your pulse points – where your heart rate can be felt – i.e on your neck, behind your earlobe, inner wrists, inner elbows, behind your knees. These points radiate the most heat, allowing the fragrance to be emitted from your skin into the air throughout the day.

Simply spray, dab or swipe. Do not rub your wrists together as the friction may alter the scent.

The ‘spray-and-walk-through’ method is also a great way of misting your hair/torso, leaving a gentle whiff in your wake as you move through your day.

A few key pointers to remember:

    • Less is more – do not overspray, pick one or 2 key places, spray from 5 to 7 inches away and let the scent develop
    • The best time to apply perfume is right after you shower – try to use a fragrance-free body wash to ensure the perfume’s scent is not altered
    • Perfume lasts longer on your skin when your skin is hydrated
    • Apply perfume onto your skin to avoid staining your jewelry/clothes
    • Alternatively, if your skin is highly sensitive, the lining of clothes/jacket is a good option
    • Store your fragrance in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight – Keep it out of the bathroom as the heat and humidity from showers could damage and alter the scent